Regional Plant for Processing of Municipal Waste (RIPOK)

In accordance with the regional assembly on the execution of provincial waste management plans, the plant managed by “EKO-MYŚL” Sp. z o.o. has obtained the status of Regional Plant for Processing of Municipal Waste (RIPOK) in Szczecin region.

The aim of the plant is to reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste stored directly at the landfill site by their gradual neutralization using mechanical and biological processing. It is also supported by the promotion of actions involving selective waste collection.

The following activities are performed in RIPOK premises in Dalsze:


    • sorting of municipal waste and additional cleaning of secondary raw materials,
    • waste recovery – production of alternative fuel,
    • recovery of landfill biogas and green energy generation,
    • composting,
    • waste landfilling.

The opening ceremony, participated by the Marshal of Zachodniopomorskie Province, Mr Jarosław Rzepa, was held in June 2015. With the acquisition of RIPOK status, the Company strengthened its position on the waste management market and gained opportunities to acquire new streams of waste. At the opening ceremony, the participants signed a letter of intent concerning implementation of the Smart City concept in Myślibórz municipality, which would also involve our company. The areas of the closed landfill sites are intended for a photovoltaic power station with recovery of luminous energy.

ripok3 ripok2 IMG_4809

Communes and municipalities composing the Waste Management Region of Szczecin

    • Nowe Warpno
    • Police
    • Dobra Szczecińska
    • Goleniów
    • Szczecin
    • Stara Dąbrowa
    • Kobylanka
    • Kołbaskowo
    • Stare Czamowo
    • Stargard
    • Marianowo
    • Ińsko
    • Dobrzany
    • Suchań
    • Recz
    • Warnice
    • Bielice
    • Gryfino
    • Kozielice

    • Dolice
    • Choszczno
    • Widuchowa
    • Banie
    • Pyrzyce
    • Przelewice
    • Krzęcin
    • Pełczyce
    • Lipiany
    • Barlinek
    • Nowogródek Pomorski
    • Myślibórz
    • Trzcińsko-Zdrój
    • Chojna
    • Cedynia
    • Moryń
    • Mieszkowice
    • Boleszkowice